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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Are You Doing?

Have you taken any of my challenges?  If so how are they going?  Have you attempted giving more time to Christ? Have you taken the pride challenge? What about forgiveness? It's hard but I truly believe that by taking small steps such as these we will start to experience Christ in a more intimate way ... If we are faithful to Him in all we do and if we strive to move past our strongholds so that we can honor Him, incredible changes will start taking place in our lives!

It has been a challenge for me to wake up early, and if I am being totally honest, a couple times I didn't make it up early. Mmost days I did great, but a few I stumbled. The great thing is that last week when I woke up early and had that early morning alone time I was blessed with days filled with Him. Did I still face the challenges of everyday? Yes. Was I better equipped to handle what was thrown at me? Absolutely! I am not just saying that, I truly noticed small differences in my day as He led me instead of me trying to micro-manage and get through on my own! Throughout my day I would find little things happening in my favor and couldn't help but to smile and thank Him. I will go at it again tomorrow morning!

The pride challenge is definitely the hardest for me ... I am one of those that always wants to bring up my own experiences when someone is trying to tell me about themselves.  Controlling myself and ensuring that I just listen without bringing "me" into a conversation is hard, but wow have I noticed a change in my relationships when I do that.  It really is a good exercise and helps to make us more aware of putting others first.  Pride is awful but learning to overcome it in small steps makes the process less daunting!

How have you been challenged?  Have you taken these challenges or changed them to tailor fit you?  I would love to hear about what God is doing in your life as you surrender yourself and pursue intimacy with Him!

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