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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And So It Has Begun

I love to write ... love it, love it, love it! I may not be a brilliant writer but I love to express myself through words. Now, what better way to do this than to start blogging?! My life may seem monotonous, routine and dull to some ... but truly, the life of a stay at home mother of three is anything but those things.

Thirteen months ago my husband of five and a half years decided that he was tired of working behind a computer desk. He was ready to take his life by the reigns and do something new, exciting and more fulfilling ... I was so excited for him! I always knew he was capable of amazing things if he just put his mind to it. You can imagine my surprise when he announced that his new plan was to follow his long abandoned dream of joining the military ... yeah not exactly what I had in mind. Never the less, I trust my husband and if this was something that he could find career and personal fulfillment in, I would back him up 100%.

Two months later he joined the Colorado Air National Guard in the Security Forces division. Nine months later he left for BMT (basic military training) and Security Forces Tech School at Lackland AFB in Texas. Senior Airman left for training and I stayed home to take care of our three daughters. He left in March and won't be home until mid-August. Everyone for the past year has gasped when we told them our plans. It was as if we were doing the unthinkable! We have experienced everything from criticism to praise, although mostly awe that we could endure these circumstances as a family. I never questioned our decision. I never once have resented him for putting me through a time of being a single mother of three- after all this will only be one of many times in our life that we will have to go through separations.

Since Senior Airman has left we have all bonded even closer then when we were at home together. The girls appreciate what it means to have a daddy so much more. I appreciate Senior Airman for everything that he is and stands for more then I ever did before. I am so proud of his decision to follow his own dreams regardless of what other people around him have said, for having the courage to enlist in such a critically important job and lastly for always putting our family first and being willing to make personal sacrafices in the process.

Life is sometimes hard being on my own with three kids running around. The girls' emotions are running on high as they are going through this adjustment time as are mine. I yearn for some peace and quiet which never seems to come. We have become accustomed to eating out much more and the evidence is there if you know what I mean! People are always asking how I do it, and I just smile to myself basking in my own glory for just a second. I just do it. You sometimes have to dig deep into yourself, deeper then you thought imaginable, and pull out your best. I have found strength inside of me that I never knew that I had, and it feels exceptionally good to know that I can do this. I have done it for the last three months, I can do it tomorrow and I can do it again when duty calls down the road. Five and a half years ago I said, "I do" and I will not back down on that comittment. No matter what struggles may come I am here with my feet firmly planted in the ground. I love my life, my family and I am especially crazy about my Airman husband. In some respects life is just beginning for us and I'm thrilled to get on this new roller coaster and see where it takes us!