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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge Part IV- Journal It!

Journaling ... this is not detailed or deep but rather a simple way to open yourself up to Him ... Journal.  Journal everyday. What is the point?  Why do I need a diary?  Well, it isn't necessarily a diary.  It is simply a place to write anything that you want.  I encourage you to write a little something each day in a notebook, on the computer, however you prefer but get words out everyday.  I have been surprised at how much I can hear from God as my thoughts tumble onto paper.  He has various ways of speaking to us and through our own thoughts and words is one of those ways.  Sitting down in quiet to write is a great compliment to the quiet time you are already striving toward. 

I was recently surprised to hear that a close friend of ours had began writing. The person who we would have least expected to write is regularly writing their thoughts and feelings down in an amazing and beautiful way. They admitted that writing was healing and a way to move past prior hurt and pain. Writing can be so freeing!  Getting thoughts, frustrations and ideas out on paper really helps to calm and relax.  Sometimes venting on paper releases feelings that otherwise would bog you down.  Rather then lashing out at people you get it all out in a healthier way. 

Writing is refreshing and can inspire you further.  I have gone back various times and looked at things I have written in the past and found new inspirations and ideas that I had forgotten about.  Bottom line, journaling is good for the soul and might just help you in your relationship with Christ!

Challenge: I challenge you to write in a journal of some sort everyday for a week.  You don't need to write pages upon pages (unless you get started and just can't stop!), but even just a short paragraph would do you good.  Write anything from your pain, your joy, your inspirations, your ideas, your fears, your hopes and dreams ... just write!  Pray before you write that God would inspire you and speak to you through your own writing. 


  1. Great idea to do the challenge. Last month I have been noticing in my own life to start putting a notebook by my bed. Because sometimes during the night the Lord wakes me up with a word or in a dream and by the time morning comes I sometimes forget it. Now I am able to jot them down so I don't forget.

    I use to try to remember them but now I see I can't always remember everything, then it also helps to come back and reflect on it as well. Good Friday to you my dear

  2. This is something I've been bad about (funny since I love to write) but I'm going to take you up on your challenge and try it!