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Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Answered Prayer

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God!"  These are the words that were excitedly running through my head as it hit the pillow last night.  I probably fell asleep with a smile on my face. This week has been an answer to prayer in so many wonderful ways and I am thrilled to say the least.

When I was a child I wanted to be a writer.  As I grew up things began to change and I didn't think I had what it took to accomplish that dream.  Without encouragement and also a lack of practice for that matter it became more and more of a vague dream and soon I totally forgot about it.

Over the last few years I really began to become aware of  my gift of exhortation.  God gave me something beautiful ... something that I could do so much with.  As I prayed and prayed that God would build this gifting up in me I wondered how He would use me ...

About two years ago I randomly started a blog ... My husband was in military training and away from our family for six months and I found that writing really helped ease my loneliness.  I quickly fell in love with blogging, the only problem was that nobody really read it.  Never the less I kept going and God kept working in my heart.  He gave me so much to say.  I began to see that I could use my exhortation through writing. I didn't write fluffy things to make my people feel sunny and bright but instead I used my own life circumstances to try to relate with people.  I'm a real person going through real struggles.  It isn't always sunny and bright- it's hard and sometimes it sucks- BUT He is always there to walk me through those struggles and He gets me to the other side safely.  I've learned that by humbling myself (which is a HUGE ongoing process in me!) and letting people see my struggles I am offering something that other people can connect with. 

Still, I didn't really have any readers other then a couple good friends and of course my family.  It kind of got frustrating and I felt like I was wasting my time.  Writing had again become my passion and yearning, but I had nobody to share in it with.  But, I still kept writing.  After a year and a half I stumbled across the incourage submission page.  I half heartedly submitted something that I wrote last summer and then didn't think about it again.  Although I was enjoying writing, I was very insecure about my writing abilities.  I didn't think anything would come of it.  Boy was I surprised to get an email saying that I would be posted in March ... I was elated!!!

Having my article up on Thursday literally changed everything.  It was an amazing feeling to have so many strangers from around the world reading my simple words.  I was so blessed by the response!  The next day, yesterday, I found the incourage community site ... (smile and emotional tears) ... I can't express to you the sheer joy and excitement I have for this treasure.  I have been searching and praying for something like this community for so long and at last He brought me to it.  The immediate response from all of the wonderful women was amazing.  I felt apart of a family right away.  Knowing that I can write the things that He has laid on my heart and be able to reach even a couple of people's hearts and encourage them is enough to happily sustain me for a long time. Likewise, I am so thrilled and honored to be able to return the favor and enlighten myself through their writing and words!  I am so very excited for the opportunity be apart of this group of women and to share among them. 

Sometimes God renews childhood dreams ... Sometimes He closes doors for a while so that He can mature us so that when the door re-opens we are better equipped for what He has in store.  It's an exciting journey and I am so blessed to be on it.  This week has comforted me, inspired me and proved to me once again that He knows what He is doing! 


  1. Amen!!! Amazing to think how the world wide web has been a blessing to so many of us. The world at our finger tips...a beautiful gift from God. I'm excited for you!!

  2. When we trust in the Lord, all things are possible. Praising God for your new found connection in the BlogFrog community. Its an amazing and encouraging place to be. Welcome!

  3. Sarah, I have to say I am sitting here dumbfounded at the parallels between us. I've been blogging for about ten years, and have been feeling the very same way. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. You give hope to the rest of us out here who write because we can't NOT write and just keep on plugging on even when it seems like no one is reading it. God bless you, sweet one.


  4. Maybe I need to bring my blog to prayer. Ran into your blog today, added it to the list of blogs I follow.

  5. Sarah, I love your writings, as your thoughts truly resonated with me, as I read your post.

    I like the fact that you say, 'I didn't write fluffy things to make my people feel sunny and bright but instead I used my own life circumstances to try to relate with people'.

    I too am amazed that my own life circumstances (really testimonies), that I share, can edify and encourage, other brothers and sisters, on the other side of the world.

    How awesome is that - God is so good, I give Him all the glory and continually pray that more readers will be attracted to my Blog.

    God Bless you more, I hopped over here from Blogfrog.

  6. Congratulations on being featured on incourage's site! That is so exciting! I stumbled upon your site from incourage and am happy I did. :)