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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Abba, Daddy

My husband and I love song lyrics.  They tell such amazing stories and stir up all kinds of great feelings and emotions.  Since our first daughter was born seven years ago we have found a specific song for each of our three girls that described our feelings towards them each individually; a song that we dedicated to them and labeled as "their song".  My husband chose the Kenny Chesney song There Goes My Life for our middle daughter.  She loves listening to it and loves when her daddy sings it to her.  She could listen to it over and over again.

The other day they were out running an errand together and that song came on the stereo.  The part of the song that says,

Oh yeah..........he loves that little girl.

Momma's waiting to tuck her in,
As she fumbles up those stairs.
She smiles back at him dragging that teddy bear.
Sleep tight, blue eyes and bouncin' curls.

He smiles.....
There goes my life.
There goes my future, my everything.
I love you, daddy good-night.

My husband was singing along with it and glanced in the rear view mirror and realized that our daughter was in tears.  He quickly asked her what was wrong and she said, "Daddy these are happy tears.  I am happy because you love me so much."  It was one of those precious moments that he will never forget.  Her gentle little four year spirit recognized the great love that her daddy had for her and it moved her to tears ... beautiful!

"Jesus addressed His Father in a special, most intimate way when He was in the depth of suffering- His dark night of the soul.  He was in the Garden of Gethsemane just before His arrest and crucifixion on the cross.  He prayed, 'Abba! Father! All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what You will' (Mark 14:36).  Abba is the Aramaic word translated 'Father' and is used in the spirit of a tender, affectionate child in much the same way as a child today would use the word daddy.  Jesus used Father in His prayers much more often than other Jewish teachers and writers.  Because of our new relationship with God through Christ, we may employ this display of affection, this expression of endearment, Abba, Father." - Catherine Martin, Trusting In The Names Of God Devotional.

The Great Yahweh who created the Heavens and earth is our Father ... our Daddy if you will. We are His precious children and nothing, and I mean nothing, in all eternity means more to Him then us.  He weeps when we when are hurting, He basks in joy and excitement when we are happy, He is heartbroken when we turn away from Him.  His love for us is never ending and pure.  We have the incredible privilege of coming to Him in the intimate way a child goes to their daddy.  

When we are hurting we can turn to Him and take refuge in His loving arms and His arms are ALWAYS open and willing to take us in.  No matter what we have done, even if we have walked away He is still lovingly waiting for our return ... no strings attached.  He provides the most pure love that we could ask for. 

Charles Spurgeon says, "If an earthly father watches over his children with unceasing love and care, how much more does our heavenly Father?"  Maybe you have experienced unconditional love through your earthly father, maybe you haven't ... no matter the circumstance you have Abba who loves you dearly.  Get to know Him, rest in Him, delight in Him.  There is nothing He desires more then you.  He gave His precious life so that you may have life.  Catherine Martin asks, "Will you  crawl up into the lap of your Abba, Father now and lay all your cares and worries in His loving arms?"   

In Closing This Series:
I encourage you all to read the book Trusting In The Names of God by Catherine Martin.  I have explored in my blog, Yahweh, Yahweh Nissi, Yahweh Jireh and Abba which are some of my favorites.  Her book explores many more of His names that are so incredible.  When your really get to know our LORD in all His different elements, it allows for such a deeper understanding and appreciation of Him.  Dig into this book and watch your faith grow in beautiful strides.

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