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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ladies, it has been fun ...

Well ladies, it has been fun ... at times it has also been tiring, frustrating, lonely, scary and for those reasons and so many more I am so blessed to have such a strong group of girlfriends to help me through the rough times! Where would I have been without you?

One afternoon in April I collapsed on my bed after a really long, hard week and I pushed back tears, swallowed my disappointment and frustrations ... you see this was the day that I had been looking forward to for weeks ... The first night that I would get to actually go out with my friends since Josh had been gone. The plans got cancelled due to one of those random spring time blizzards - of all days! Not only had I had an extremely hard week (and day!) my one chance of getting a little bit of freedom was gone. The next thing I knew my phone rang and the dearest of all my friends said, "get dressed I am on my way to come get you - you need this and I'm not taking no for an answer!" She drove through the elements of the storm and picked me up along with two other of our friends and safely got us to our destination. Meanwhile another great friend, my next door neighbor, volunteered to come sit at my house for three hours and stay with my daughters so that I could go ... how amazing is this group of ladies?!

There was also this middle of the night frantic phone call that I made to my fearless storm defying friend. It was late, I had a nightmare and was scared out of my mind ... it was two days after Josh had left and I woke up and just cried. She did not hesitate to take my call, comfort me and sit on the phone with me until I felt better.

One of my next door neighbors, the amazing woman who offered to watch my children more then I could ever repay, also mowed my lawn for me. Who knew that a woman could mow the lawn?! I had never done it, had no desire to do it and was very thankful for a friend who would offer to do such a thing - AND to do it on her days off from working a full time job and taking care of her own family! Wow, what a blessing you were! I actually have since learned to mow the lawn and now know that, duh(!) of course a woman can mow the lawn! Although I will be glad to hand that job back over to the husband when he returns home.

There were also the dinners ... so many wonderful dinners! I had several friends and neighbors invite me and the little ones over for meals. It was such a nice escape from sitting at the "kid table" every night without any adult conversation. One incredible friend in particular called me at least every weekend and several times throughout the week to make plans to dine with her, her husband and her family. Thank you friend, for making me feel a part of your family and for letting us step in and join in on your family time, it meant so much ... thank you to all for those dinners!

Lastly there is our families ... I cannot even begin to thank you for the endless babysitting so that I could take time out for me, the never ceasing to stop phone calls that were for nothing more then for me to hear another adult voice, inviting me over for get togethers, helping with tedious work around my house and always being there for every little need that came my way. What would we do with out you? I am ever so grateful!

There were many phone calls, long conversations over bottles of wine, play dates, babysitting, help with my housework, carpools, midnight trips to Walmart to stand in line for Twilight, ladies there to listen to me whine and complain about the struggles of being a single mother of three, and so much more ... I have been ever so blessed by my friends, neighbors and family ... When a situation comes into your life where you are alone, out of your element and a temporarily different person, you learn who your real friends are ... the ones who stick by you, take you under their wing and help carry you until you are able to get back on your feet. Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies ... it has been a fun adventure and I'm glad to have had you by my side as I journeyed it ... but now I'm thrilled to announce that my baby's comin' home!

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