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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tis A Season Of Change For Inspiring Excellence

Over the last few years I really struggled to find my purpose ... my own special thing that I could use in this world that was especially mine.  A way to reach others and make a difference.  I prayed and sought and prayed some more.  I knew that God had something amazing planned but I wasn't seeing where or when that plan would ever come forth and bear fruit in my life. 

Suddenly He began to rekindle a passion of mine ... writing and words.  I faithfully started blogging unaware if anyone other then my loyal Mother was reading.  Then out of the blue, after a couple of years of nothing, He began throwing opportunities in my path left and right.  He blessed me with wonderful opportunities to expose my writing to an entire new world of readers.  He brought the most unexpected, random people into my life to encourage me and give me the tools I needed to push my dreams even further then I could have ever imagined.  He also brought old friends back into my life who have had incredible weight in pushing me ahead.  It's been unreal! 

So, I am taking a leap of faith ... it might be too early, it might just be perfect timing ... regardless I am taking off!  I have a top secret project (tease!) that I am working on with one of those unexpected people that God brought back into my life ... a project that I am very excited about and will hopefully be able to share sometime in the fall or winter.  I am also very pleased to announce the coming of a new multi-faceted website for Christian women.  My hope is that this new blog/website inspires and encourages you all in your daily walk.  You will be able to enjoy devotionals, fun marriage & family focused posts and creative crafting and cooking projects.  I am exceptionally blessed to be joined by two amazing Christian woman as regular contributors who I think you will really enjoy following and getting to know!

So get ready ... Monday May 9 (next week!) my new venture will launch!!!  It will be a very fun week full of creative giveaways, introductions to my new fabulous contributors and more of your favorite inspirational devotionals.  Look for the new web address Monday morning and please stop by to check us out and tell us what you think.  *Inspiring Excellence on blogspot will no longer be in use after next Monday*

I am so blessed by the opportunities that God has given me and feel that this new chapter will be a great one!  I hope that you will follow me in this exciting move ... I think you will pleased with what you find!!! 

~Also, check me out at FancyLittleThings.com every Thursday this May under their Faith section.  Another wonderful blessing for me to take part in. 

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  1. I am excited for you! This is so great what you are about to embark on. God surely does have His ways in bringing people together for a common good. I am a firm believer that when we seek after the heart of God that He makes room for our gifts. I am just so happy to hear your heart how you sought the Lord wondering what more can you do for the Kingdom of GOD? This is truly something every believer must ask themselves, sadly though not many ask nor seek. I pray that as you continue seeking after His heart that He opens your mind to some great revelations and that what you touch prosper and where your feet go you come with the Good News of Jesus Christ. God bless you and I will be checking out this new site you have, You can count on that.